Raymer Aquaculture is committed to producing superior quality char and trout that not only taste good but are as fresh as they can be. The fish are farmed in water from an underground well that is tested regularly to ensure quality. Backed by a skilled, experienced team trained in fish farming, Raymer Aquaculture has everything it needs to produce delicious trout and char.

“No antibiotics are used in Raymer Aquaculture fish farming operations. Basically, the trout and char roe the company buys are certified to be free of disease.”
Raynald Mercier, Proprietor and CEO

Fine flavour
Before being processed for the consumer market, the fish undergo a 7-to-10-day fast, a step that was introduced to enhance the fine flavour. In addition, the water in the rearing tanks comes from an underground well supplied by the Petite Cascapédia River.


HACCP-certified plant
Then, by processing the fish at our own HACCP-certified plant on the premises, we can monitor quality continuously.

Our trout and char generally reach our clients within 24 to 48 hours from the time they are slaughtered, which ensures freshness and longer shelf life. We rely on very strict quality criteria to evaluate our products.

How are Raymer Aquaculture trout and char sold?
Arctic char is available whole and filleted for the table market.
Brook trout is available whole (portions) for the table market and live for stocking lakes and rivers on the Gaspé Peninsula.

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