Meticulous work done by skilled staff
DSCN1359The production of Arctic char and brook trout is a major endeavour that calls for a thorough understanding of aquaculture. This explains why Raymer Aquaculture employs qualified staff with the appropriate training

Indoor tanks for closer monitoring
The fish farm owns 28 tanks in a range of sizes. From the smallest nursery tanks to the larger ones used for grow-out, all the fish farm’s tanks are indoors. This makes it possible to control all inputs and outputs, and keep the risk of introducing contaminants to an absolute minimum. We don’t allow the public to visit the fish farm for the same reason.

Oxygen production for sustainable aquaculture
The oxygen added to the water is sourced on the premises using a state-of-the-art production system. This keeps the shipment of bottled oxygen to a minimum. Given its importance to the company, we’re always on the look-out for new ways to foster sustainable development.


Geo-thermally heated water to enhance growth
Raymer Aquaculture has chosen to use advanced technology to foster the growth of its trout and char and thus, meet its clients’ needs without interruption. Using this technology, the temperature of the water in the fish grow-out tanks can be controlled on an ongoing basis.

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